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Dr. Lewis obtained her M.D. from the prestigious University of Science, Arts, and Technology of Montserrat School of Medicine. She also holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Public Health, demonstrating her commitment to understanding the broader aspects of healthcare and its impact on society. Throughout her career, Dr. Lewis has held various roles, including serving as a nurse, radiation technologist, medical technologist, and instructor of nursing. Her diverse experiences have provided her with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare from multiple perspectives.

One of Dr. Lewis’s notable achievements was her role as an epidemiologist overseeing a 480-bed facility in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Her expertise in this area contributed to the effective management and containment of infectious diseases within the facility. 

Dr. Lewis’s dedication to her field was recognized when she received the Gold President’s M.D. award for excellence in medical service in 2020. In addition to her practical experience, Dr. Lewis has actively contributed to the medical field through her research and writing. She has authored and co-authored journal articles focusing on hypertension and obesity, two critical health issues affecting communities worldwide. Dr. Lewis’s expertise in medical literature is further exemplified by her role as a book reviewer for medical publications. She is currently a reviewer for the book “Struck By The Silent Killer” by Errol Williams.

Beyond her medical achievements, Dr. Lewis has expanded her horizons and pursued entrepreneurial ventures. She holds an undergraduate degree in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University, highlighting her interest in holistic approaches to health and wellness. Furthermore, Dr. Lewis has an MBA and is the proud founder and owner of Unforgettable Entertainment JA, an international destination wedding company. Through this business, she combines her passion for creating unforgettable experiences with her expertise in event planning. As a new author, Dr. Lewis aims to further share her insights and experiences to inspire and educate others on their own health journeys.

Gold President's M.D. award for excellence in medical service in 2020

"What sets this memoir apart is Dr. Lewis's unwavering focus on the importance of faith in her healing process. She demonstrates how her belief in a higher power and her spiritual practices played a central role in her ability to persevere and
find hope amidst despair. "


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Dr. Nasheria’s contributions to the medical field, her entrepreneurial endeavors, and her dedication to promoting health and well-being make her a truly inspiring individual. Her commitment to excellence, extensive knowledge, and ability to bridge different domains make her a sought-after speaker and a respected authority in her field.

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